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Creating Strength & Balance from the inside out.In a fun, family atmosphere we want you to make fitness a part of your life and hopefully you will find the passion & energy for movement the way we do! We want to get you moving and feeling confident about yourself so you can do what you love.  

Our coaching program is for those ready to move again!

Our coaching program not only teaches you how to move better, we teach you how to become your own Food Scientist! You won't feel alone with our coaches as your accountability partners. We design your program to your bodies ability to get you fit and healthy, so you can live the life you want! 
We run the FitRanX program, a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels and strength.  This cannot be determined by the scale alone, this is how the body functions in strength & balance.  

Whole Body Health

The goal of POSITIVELY FITT is to make fitness a part of your life and hopefully you will find passion in health & fitness the way I do! My goal is to get as many people moving again and feeling good about themselves.

Fitness Training

Our fitness training is customized to you. We set you up with the right exercise activities, cardio routines and weight training in order to achieve your weight loss or muscle building goals.

Clean Eating

These days we are sedentary. Many of us have office jobs and we spend all day sitting. The Holidays don’t help either…. more food, more sugar, more calories. What is next? The New Years resolution to eat better and exercise. That’s where we can help.


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