ABC'c of Movement Trilogy...the workshops

Join Chrissy, in-person at the Live Well Training Center, on October 26thth from 6:00-8:00pm.  In workshop #1 we will explore ACCURACY: Your visual system and the affects your eyes play on how you move and your strength.

In Workshop #2 We will explore BALANCE: How to improve it and feel safe & stable moving through your day. No more bumping into things.

In Workshop #3 We will explore COORDINATION:  How to allow your body to work as one, not two septerate sides.  


Your own individual session with focus on strength building, breathwork and using a more funtional approach to get you to you back to the things you want to do.  I can't wait to be on this road to your new strength, it's a journey that is more than fitness.

 6-Week recharge small group fitness

Join me for 6-weeks to ReCHARGE your health.  It's a great way to kickstart your fitness habits and find your strength in a new way.  Work hard and have some fun with up to 7 others.

athletes (of the game or life)

Whether you are an athlete of the game or an athlete of your life in a day-to-day hustle, you  will discover how to take your games to the next level by developing the explosiveness, stability, and mobility that transfers right to the field, court or job.


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