Reflecting and Reassessing: Navigating Your Health and Fitness Journey

Feb 20, 2024

 by Chrissy Shaver

As we find ourselves nearing the end of February, I want to take a moment to encourage you to reflect on your journey of health, fitness, and personal journey. What strides have you made? What have you learned about yourself? Whether you've discovered what works for you or tried something new that didn't quite resonate, every step is a valuable part of your unique journey.

The beginning of the year often serves as a natural checkpoint for many of us to assess our lives and set intentions for positive change. For me, the intention is clear: 'Do things differently.' It's about embracing novel experiences, making memories, exploring untapped potentials both personally & in business, and bringing fresh insights to you in the upcoming months. New ways to move your body, find your strength, and perhaps experiment with new recipes (I did get a new grill for Christmas, yes i am using it more than my stove top/oven - a new cooking adventure awaits (-; ). It's about discovering innovative ways to offer support and to feel supported as we navigate the days ahead in 2024, embrace everyday as your favorite day. 

As you navigate your path to a healthier lifestyle, here's some guidance on how to approach this journey with grace and mindfulness. It's common to feel the rush of excitement and an overwhelming urge to dive headfirst into change. However, a gentle approach is often the most sustainable.

Tips for Navigating Your Wellness Journey:

1. Start Slow and Sustainable:
Begin with small, manageable changes that you can sustain over time. This sets the foundation for long-term success and prevents burnout.

2. Listen to Your Body:
Your body sometimes pays more attention than you think it does. Pay attention to how it responds to different activities and choices. It often communicates its needs if you take the time to listen.

3. Incorporate Mindful Movement:
Consider embracing mindful movement practices such as yoga, gentle stretching, or functional movement & strength trainiing. These practices not only benefit your physical health but also support your mental well-being.

4. Prioritize Rest and Recovery:
Rest is as crucial as activity. Ensure you prioritize sufficient sleep and allow your body the time it needs to recover.

5. Celebrate Small Wins:
Acknowledge and celebrate every small win along the way. Recognizing your progress, no matter how minor, reinforces positive habits.

Remember, this journey is about creating a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle and making memories. It's not about perfection but about progress and self-care.

I'm genuinely excited to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals in 2024. If there's anything specific you'd like guidance on or if you have questions about incorporating movement into your routine, feel free to reach out. Together, let's make this year a journey of self-discovery, growth, and well-being. 🌱