Hello!  First let me tell you a little about WHY I love WHAT I do... I am a Trauma-Informed Movement Specialist. I began this journey in 1995 in the big gyms and then graduated from GCU in 1999 with a Bacholers Degree in Exercise Science.  After training for about 18 years as a personal trainer in 2014 I found the world of Funcitonal Neurology, (brain-based strength).  I have a whole new love for how the body works, by utiiizing the visual system to create a better balance in how I moved and wanted to share this with everyone... but I know I can't help everyone.  So I bring this amazing freedom of movement for those that are open to a different way to explore movement, maybe even play while improving how they move & live in this crazy world.   How you ask... I like to say I blend Functional-neurology (vision) with strength training to foster a sense of freedom & clarity within the body through the nervous system. Then I was introduced in 2019 to THE SHIPP METHOD A Christ-Centered Trauma Recovery Certification by my now business partner, LIFE CHANGING FOR ME!  With this technique I now provide a much safer space for movement and allows individuals to recognize and address the emotions held in their bodies, enabling them to feel safe and whole. Allowing the freedom to let go of what no longer serves them in this time and learning to recognize what the body is saying, why you cannot move or why old stories keep surfacing.  How to create a healthy lifestyle from the inside out and to live your authentic life, to be happy and energized.


Aside from my professional pursuits and knowing I have this love for learning.  I enjoy spending time outdoors, recently taking up golf, paddle boarding, and caring for my dogs and cats (we have quite the mini zoo). My family, including my husband and girls, holds great importance in my life, and I cherish the moments we create together.  I am always trying to get them to try new techniques I learn but not much participation, I think I act a little like a mad scientist when I want them to be my "guinea pig" lol. 

Throughout my own personal journey, I have embraced lessons learned and developed a deep appreciation for how other modalities contribute to body healing and enhance movement during everyday life and recreational activities. It has become clear to me that strength encompasses more than just muscle.

My passion for fitness began in high school from the best tennis coach ever!!!  He taught me to make not only tennis fun, but what it takes to be on the court and off the court... life has to be fun to be true to self, I didn't see it that way then, but as I reflect I know where it started.  And my path has taught me that it extends beyond mere physicality; it involves aligning yourself with the best possible way of moving and the people that come into my life, for a moment, or a lifetime. 


Who do I work with?

I work with individuals seeking preparation for everyday life, athletes striving for peak performance, weekend warriors desiring an active lifestyle, and those simply looking for a pain-free day. Together, we focus on cultivating strength from within, emphasizing the heart and exploring the inner self to unlock your true power. I enjoy exploring techniques that re-educate you on how to trust and collaborate with your body, rather than working against it. By incorporating body-weight strength training, Brain-Based Training, vision training, meditation, breath work, and other methods, we return to basics and move away from reliance on machines for strength, learning to build resilience in ways that support your daily needs. 

Some ask why I have this big array of people I work with... 

Because deep down I believe that those that I was meant to work with, guide, or simply meet will find me and in divine timing we will know how this is to be.  I have so much fun integrating all the information I have collected along the way, that what I am focusing on in the moment will bring me those that need to learn it to.  Might be a conversation, might mean working with me, I don't know I just trust that I am here to guide others to play again or maybe for the first time strengthen their body in a way that serves them. 

I am deeply rooted in my faith and follow a Christ-centered approach. However, I meet you where you are on your life's journey, regardless of your spiritual beliefs. I have worked with believers and non-believers  and there is no judgement, you have to find what your heart follows.  Sometimes, the world can make us forget our authentic selves, and I am here to help you rediscover who you truly are inside.


I hope one day our paths cross.  

Connect with breath and play everyday. 

6-Week Fitt Life Challenge!